1) Initial Funding Campaign 

Drum up support and enthusiasm for a crowdfunding campaign and live fundraisers to fund the projects listed below and establish the nonprofit prior to applying for grants. Through a variety of live fundraisers that involve the community and spark innovation we start to empower everyone contribute to the solutions, such as using modern technology to address this mammoth problem.

2) Education in the US 

30% of recently-poached elephant tusk is being imported to the United States.  Currently, no one is addressing the demand-end of ivory and horn in the United States. With the majority of it being imported and sold in California, SAHF can lead this educational campaign.

3) Action on the Ground in Africa Through Technology 

Financially support anti-poaching efforts of non-governmental groups who have shown particular efficacy in their approaches to protecting rhinos and elephants, such as PAMS Foundation in Tanzania, Botswana Rhino Conservation, VETPAW and the ever-growing use of drones to find poachers.  They are doing the legwork and often risking their own lives, and we in turn can raise funds and get the innovation to into their hands.

4) Fundraising Website and Education

Build a fundraising website that generates a continued income stream. Through a full-circle model of addressing the false belief that rhino horn is an aphrodisiac and cures impotence, we can form partnerships and educate that neither rhino horn nor elephant tusks are aphrodisiacs, makes us sexier, makes us healthier or solves any sexual or social problems—as is commonly believed in Asia. The adult sexual wellness industry is a $15 billion+ industry - why not redirect some of that profit to this good cause?