There are three basic ways to help financially, and tons of other ways to help this cause:

1. Monthly Recurring Donor

Recurring donations mean the world to us as they become a reliable source of support. Please commit to make the largest recurring donation you can so that we can get going saving precious wildlife from poachers! As approximately 96 elephants are killed everyday, we'd like to suggest $96 as a donation. Thank you for your tax-deductible donation!

2. Purchase Save A Horny Friend Apparel or Photography Gifts

We have a slew of cool apparel and a truly unique assortment of wildlife and nature photography from Africa. Have a look here and enjoy the discounts we are currently offering! Click on our Gifts Page to own these hot items and more...

3. 1000+ Online Stores Will Donate Through This Simple App!

Shop 1000+ of your favorite stores through our new link and up to 10% goes to our cause at no extra cost to you, while also offering you special discounts too! 

Please join today if you shop online anywhere, especially Amazon, Macy's, Nordstrom, Betsey Johnson, Best Buy, GAP, Sunglass Hut, Office Depot, & 1,000+ others online!

Easy Setup:
1.  Go to and "join" for free!
2.  Search the "Categories" or for your favorite store name in the bar.
3.  Click the "Shop" buttons to buy the same old way you always have online.
4.  Use this link for all your Holiday and future shopping needs.

Mobile & Web App & Bookmark Bar
For added convenience, there's a mobile app and a web app that you can download which expedite your shopping philanthropy, or just add to your Bookmarks Bar and always shop from there with over 1000 stores at your finger tips!

4. Lend your services, expertise, airline miles, volunteer, etc!

If you can now or in the future help us with any of these items, please contact us at any time through our Contact Page.  Thank you very much for your help!


PR & Media Outlets
Social Media Experts
Online & Personal Fundraising
Wildlife Advocates
Graphics and Printing
Videographers & Editors
Office Space
Volunteers for Live Fundraisers
Volunteers for Administrative Work


Camera Trap & UAV Innovators & Manufacturers
Wildlife Organizations in Africa
Innovation Thought Leaders
Sustainable Brands
Educational Brands


Rugged UAV Aircrafts
High and Low-End Raffle Prizes
High-End Event Locations
Swag, Apparel & Logo Items
Large Tax-Deductable Donations