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Thunderclaps for Global March for Elephants and Rhinos

Yell With Us and Help Us Be Heard As We Speak Up to Help Elephants and Rhinos!

A Thunderclap is a tool for advertising on social media. Advertising is vital to increase our numbers, not just for those who have created Thunderclaps, but for ALL Marches! The great thing about Thunderclaps are that they are free to create and free to support! You do not have to be going to the March to support it. If the Thunderclaps do not reach their targets by the closing date, they do not get their free advertising.

All you need to do is click on the links below, click the support button (either Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr) and that’s it! You can then also share on your Facebook page to encourage others to join in.

Below are the cities in order of when there Thunderclaps expire (as of Sept 14) and the date, with the number of supporters they have and the amount of supporters they require in brackets. Please take a minute and join every single one to help save our horny friends!


Edinburgh – 4 days (130/250):

Liverpool – 5 days (50/250):

Oregon – 7 days (35/100):

Kansas City – 7 days (37/100):

Cape Town – 8 days (78/100):
Guelph – 8 days (34/100):

Hyderabad – 9 days (63/100):

Tokyo – 9 days (38/100):
St Paul – 9 days (25/100):

Saskatoon – 9 days (14/100):

Perth – 13 days (149/250):
Dallas – 13 days (31/100):

Dusseldorf -16 days (36/100):
Philadelphia – 17 days (67/100):

Charlotte – 20 days (79/250):

Accra – 21 days (43/250):


It will only take about 10 minutes of your time to do all of them.


If EVERYONE does this, we should make our targets easily.


Thank you for your support!