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The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos!

  • Balboa Park San Diego, CA USA (map)

Join Save A Horny Friend Foundation and 130 cities around the world for the first ever March for Elephants and Rhinos in San Diego!

Please read everything - it is all important for your success.

HOW: The March is to be peaceful and productive in gaining media attention, and conducted in the spirit of an Elephant Funeral but also as a call on California Governor Brown to pass AB96 before Oct 11.   The event Maker Faire will be taking place in Balboa Park the same weekend so we have the potential to reach several thousand more people, but must do so in a civilized and creative manner without violating their space.    

WHY: To work together to inform our community and speak out to the media about the devastating effects of poaching on biodiversity, our natural heritage, animal welfare, the crisis for those working in ecotourism, and the fueling of international terrorist organizations. 

LOCATION: In front of PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS MUSEUM, on Prado Walk, across from Reflecting Pool, in Balboa Park, San Diego.

TSHIRTS, MASKS, SIGNS and COSTUMES: Make sure you make signs, masks or costumes, prepay for your "I Helped... Save A Horny Friend" T-shirt so you get the right size and invite your friends to join the cause by joining the newsletter to the right! 

BOOTH:  The Balboa Park rangers have confirmed that Save The Wild Tech / Save A Horny Friend is indeed allowed to set up a booth and receive donations and exchange goods, so we will have some extra sign-making material for those who need it, and will ask for small donations for these. Please honor the requested donation amount of $25 for a t-shirt (that barely covers production cost).

There are three ways to register: 

#1. On This Website: Donate to the Organization and Receive a Thank You T-Shirt and Lead the March:  Ideally, we all wear the same shirts to create uniformity, but they must be prepaid. The suggested donation of $50 or more to Save The Wild Technology / Save A Horny Friend Foundation for organizing the March and to further its work to bring drones and surveillance to Africa to protect these critical keystone creatures, will get you a T-Shirt and the ability to lead the March.  A minimum donation to receive a T-Shirt on the day of the March is $25 to cover costs only. If you want to register with donating $0 and getting no shirt, you can as well, just fill out the requested name and address info but omit your credit card details and it will be processed.  Register and place t-shirt order here:

#2. Or... if you want to be part of group activities after the March, please register by rsvp'ing "I'm Going" on - this is costly to SAHF Foundation so please register there if you are likely to participate:

Meetup: Saving Elephants and Rhinos

#3. If you really can't afford to donate to the cause but want to March and think Facebook is easy, please register on the Event Page: 

Global March for Elephants and Rhinos - San Diego

Overall, organizing this March has taken a month and cost our Foundation close to $1000 in time and supplies, please give what you can to offset this cost. For any donation over $75, you will receive an official statement of your donation, which is tax deductible depending on your tax situation. 


Ideas for Signs and Costumes:

Here are a few examples of what you can put on your signs. It adds a lot to the March with this diversity of information and imagery!  As you can see, many people drew their own images, printed them at home or made collages!

  • Informational: Elephants and Rhinos will be extinct in less than 10 years / Asia is Buying Africa to Death / Rhino Horn is Not Medicine, It is Hair / 100 Elephants are STILL Slaughtered a Day / 3-4 Rhino Faces are Hacked Off Everyday, Sometimes While They Are Still Alive! / Stop the Slaughter / Elephants and Rhinos are Everyone's Natural Heritage Alive / etc

  • Call to Action: Help Save A Horny Friend - Fund Drones to Chase Poachers / Governor Brown Pass AB96 and ban sale of ivory and horn in California (this is important - he has until Oct 11 to decide) / Obama Insist That China and Vietnam Stop Eating Our Majestic Rhinos / Obama Insist China Shut Down Its Ivory Factories THIS YEAR / Donate to SAVE THE WILD TECH (Save A Horny Friend's parent name) to Use Drones to Catch Poachers / Wake Up and Care What's Going On Around Your Planet / etc.
  • Motivational: Help Save Elephants and Rhinos By Being A Corporate Sponsor! / Help Save Elephants and Rhinos By Starting a School Project For Them / Together with Technology and Dessert Money We Can Save These Gorgeous Creatures! / etc

Past Marches the Founder of SAHF Foundation has attended: 2013 - Arusha, Tanzania and 2014 - Los Angeles, California. Photos below are from those Marches and have good ideas for signs and objects.  Please email with questions.

Protestors out side the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles, vocalizing their anger at the continued rhino and elephant slaughter that is driving their populations closer and closer to extinction. Video and Copyright: 2014 Valerie Kosheleff