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The elephant and rhino poaching crisis is out of control with this month's reports that at least two African countries have lost over 50% of their elephants in the last three years. The United States is responsible for an estimated 30% of recently-poached ivory sales. After being carved in Asia, the ivory is smuggled into U.S., either presented as antique through staining techniques or as black market new carvings. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have amassed this ivory from a multi-year undercover operation, which has resulted in 10 convictions of traffickers.  The ivory to-be crushed at this event was used as evidence in those cases, as well as education and training for officers and detection dogs. Read more specifics from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about this #IvoryCrush and please share with everyone immediately.  

For those attending the event, please look for people wearing purple Save A Horny Friend Tshirts or text your interest to come to 970-236-6119.