Blue Lake Natron with Flamingos Soaring


Blue Lake Natron with Flamingos Soaring

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Wild Flamingos Soaring Over Lake Natron, one of the most exotic lakes in the world with ash and salt levels that regularly quickly kill birds who become disoriented by the surface of the water and accidentally submerge themselves into the lake bed.

This print is 10 x 15 inches, 12 x 18 inches or 20 x 30 inches.

All prints are printed on metallic Pearl Paper, are mounted on 1/16 inch cardboard, and have a protective Lustre coating that prevents fading from sun, dust accumulation and fingerprints. These three components allow the image to not need a glass covering. All materials are archive quality.

Valerie Kosheleff has been a semi-professional photographer for over fifteen years, and a wildlife activist and biologist for twenty-five years, and has licensed her photography for the fundraising to save these majestic beasts.

Copyright and photographed by Valerie Kosheleff 2013 while researching the poaching crisis in East Africa.  

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